Latin America

Prolific wildlife, lush cloud forests, remains from ancient civilisations, powder-soft beaches and colonial architecture – Latin America has it all.  Self-drive, cycle, dive, you can be as active as you like.  Or you can simply lie back on one of many beautiful beaches and admire the view.

Argentina - Perito Moreno Glacier


Argentina is a land of immense beauty and diversity. There are desert like rocky landscapes, lakes of infinite shades of blue, stunning mountains, fertile vineyards and wild grasslands. Wildlife includes whales, penguins, sea lions, howler monkeys, capybaras, caiman and anacondas. You can have as active a holiday as you like in Argentina: cycling around the streets of Buenos Aires, ice trekking on a glacier, hiking in Los Glaciares national park; rafting or kayaking the many lakes and rivers.

Brazil-Fernanda de Noronha


The fifth largest country try in the world Brazil is a country of real diversity of landscape and culture. From the vast wildernesseses of the Amazon and the Pantanal to music, dance and carnivals in its cosmopolitan cities there is something for everyone.


Cuba is an exciting country to visit right now. Cuba has recently opened up to the western world, providing tourists with access to a previously little known, colourful and diverse country. The landscape is stunning, the architecture beautiful and there are many fun activities to take part in when you are out there from salsa lessons to driving an American classic car.


Mexico is a large and diverse country with stunning scenery, deep rooted traditions, beautiful beaches and ruins from ancient civilisations. Whatever sort of holiday you are looking for you are likely to be able to find it in Mexico.

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