A mountainous country with rolling green valleys, vineyards, and a coastline on the Black Sea

One of the world’s oldest Christian nations, Georgia is a mountainous country full of hilltop churches, Roman fortresses and cave monasteries.  As a travel destination it combines well with Turkey and Armenia.  It is a great country for an active holiday for walkers and cyclists.  And with a national love of wine and some fabulous home grown wines it is a great place for wine lovers.  Tourism is still in early development in Georgia but nevertheless there are some lovely boutique hotels which we can book for you as well as some more simple offerings. Highlights include:

  • Georgia’s capital Tbilisi sits on the banks of the Mtkvari river and has a wealth of cultural sights.  It has an atmospheric old town, sulphur baths and a fascinating bazaar.  Wine tasting is on offer everywhere!
  • The Black Sea resort of Batumi was once ruled by Roman emperor Hadrian.  Today it has a tranquil atmosphere with beaches, gardens and Russian imperial architecture.  
  • Georgia has been making wine for thousands of years and boasts over 500 varieties.  Making and drinking wine is something of a national sport.
  • The cave city of Vardzia was formerly home to over 2000 monks in a monastery complex of 3000 chambers.  Although an earthquake damaged a large part of the complex you can still see and visit the remains of shops, stables, the wine press and other rooms.  
  • There are beautiful churches everywhere in Georgia but the Gergeti Holy Trinity Church is an iconic church in a spectacular location overlooking and overshadowed by the Greater Caucasus mountains.  It is possible to walk to the church from the nearby village of Kazbegi, a round trip of approximately three to four hours.  
  • The High Caucasus mountains have spectacular scenery and provide great walking on hiking trails, particularly in Tusheti, accessible only from June to October.  

Ideas for a trip to Georgia

Here are some ideas for trips to Georgia all of which can be adapted for you and we are always happy to create a bespoke trip from scratch.

Discover Georgia group tour

from £1155 per person
This nine-day group trip into the Caucasus region of Eurasia discovers one of the fascinating former states of the USSR. We combine sightseeing in cultural towns and cities, walks in stunning countryside along with exploration of fascinating historical sites.

Georgia in Luxury

from £2655 per person
This fully escorted eight-day private tour explores the exotic Caucasus nation of Georgia, staying in the stylish Rooms Hotels in Tbilisi and Kazbegi. The journey includes an exploration of Tbilisi's Old Town, tastings at some of the country's finest wineries and guided visits to ancient UNESCO listed cathedrals and monasteries.

Across the Southern Caucasus

from £2990 per person
Take an exciting two week journey across all three states of the southern Caucasus. Beginning in the oil-rich Muslim nation of Azerbaijan on the shores of the Caspian Sea, you will travel through Georgia, famous for its ancient monasteries and viticulture, and finish in the small, proud nation of Armenia, one of the oldest Christian countries in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

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British nationals don’t need a visa to enter Georgia for visits of up to one year.  For further information visit the FCO travel pages.  

Ensure your usual immunisations are up to date and consider Hepatitis A.  Always check latest information on NHS Fit for Travel pages.  

Tbilisi is a cosmopolitan city, but more conservative attitudes exist in rural areas. When travelling outside of the cities be aware of cultural sensitivities around modest dress, particularly when visiting places of worship, and open displays of affection particularly in remote areas.  

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