International travel checklist for pandemic travel

If yes then you can travel to that country without needing to isolate or quarantine on your return.  You can view the list here.  

If it is then at the next review of the traffic light lists it may be moved into the Amber List.  Depending on whether you are able to isolate on return, you may prefer to choose another Green List destination not on the watch list

If so then your holiday insurance would probably not be valid so you should consider another destination.  There are huge similarities between the Red List and the countries where the FCDO advises against travel but they are not identical.  You can check on your chosen destination here.  

Whilst the UK has and is negotiating some holiday corridors where both countries agree to admit each other’s residents that is not the case for all destinations.  The FCDO travel advice pages are a good starting point.  When looking at whether you are allowed in you should also consider whether there are any significant testing or quarantine requirements when you arrive.  

Depending on your vaccination status you are likely to need to take PCR test before you leave the UK and before you return even if you are travelling to a country on the Green List.  Most countries require the gold standard PCR test but there are variations so be aware of these.  For your return to the UK you will need to fill in a Passenger Locator Form before you leave and have your PCR test reference number handy.  

Nearly all Green List destinations are likely to have some form of restrictions and rules in place dealing with the pandemic.  They shouldn’t interfere with your enjoyment of your holiday but it’s best to be aware of them before you travel.  Some countries, for example, require specific sort s of masks in public spaces.  

Make sure you are familiar with whether you can make any changes to or cancel your holiday in the event of events relating to Covid.  In most cases the answer will be no.  But there are some tour operators who are currently offering fee free amendments in this situation 

This year more than ever you will need to have good insurance that covers cancellation of your holiday;iday due to Covid and any expenses incurred due to contracting Covid.  This is now provided to a greater and lesser extent by many travel insurers.  You should aim to get cover for :

cancellation due to:

you or someone in your party being asked to self isolate due to track or trace

your someone in your party contracting Covid