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Our five favourite island holiday destinations

It may be the peace and tranquility of staying away from the bustling mainland, the closeness to nature  or the number of water based activities from snorkelling and diving to kayaking available. But a holiday on an island is our favourite kind of holiday.  See below for our top 5 island stays and click on the links to discover more.

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha - a stunning Brazilian archipelago known for its pristine beaches, rich marine biodiversity, and strict conservation efforts to protect its unique ecosystems. Visit as part of a trip to Brazil including the Amazon Rainforest or the Pantanal for wildlife and the Chapada Diamantina for hiking. Beaches on this island are stunning and when snorkelling or diving you can expect to come across manta rays, turtles, colourful fish and friendly sharks.


Sicily is having a bit of a renaissance after series 2 of White Lotus was filmed there. We love it for the perfect combination of lovely sunny weather, gorgeous baroque architecture and ancient ruins, delicious wines, dramatic landscapes and beaches. There are some lovely boutique hotels as well as luxury villas on the islan and it combines well with mainland Italy or for an even remoter island experience you can spend some time in the Aeolian Islands too.

Lord Howe Island, Australia

A remote, crescent-shaped island in the Tasman Sea, famous for its unique flora and fauna, pristine beaches, and stunning coral reefs. Limited numbers of visitors are allowed on the island at any one time so book well ahead as part of a trip to Australia.

Príncipe, Sâo Tomé and Príncipe

Príncipe - a lush, volcanic island in the Gulf of Guinea, known for its biodiversity, unspoiled landscapes, and rich cultural heritage as part of São Tomé and Príncipe. With stunning beaches, amazing snorkelling and some low key luxury boutique hotels. Stay in and old plantation house and learn about the history of the island and take to the water to discover the island's amazing snorkelling and marine life.

cape verde

Santo Antâo, Cape Verde

Santo Antão - a mountainous island in Cape Verde known for its dramatic landscapes, verdant valleys, and excellent hiking trails. Visit as part of an island hopping tour around Cape Verde. Spend some time on the sandy beaches of Sal or Boa Vista before heading to Santo Antâo for hiking amongst cliff hanging villages, rugged green peaks, fertile valleys and sugar cane plantations.

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